About us

innoME was established in 2015 from a collaboration with EQS and TU Munich. The idea was for EQS to found a start-up organization that develops and produces modern products for medical technology.”

zenCELL was established in 2020 as the cell culture branch and a distinct Business Unit of innoME GmbH.

Formerly consisting of 3 Business units, innoME offered several products all catering different application areas. The idea was to create a product portfolio that holistically monitors all parameters and process in the lab to provide scientist and researchers with all relevant data and insights. 2 of those Business Units already spin off.

Under the newly reconstructed innoME GmbH, the major product is the zenCELL owl.An incubator capable microscope, to monitor a variety of multiwell plates in cell 2022 and analyses. The aim is to widen the offered products to a direction that serves laboratories in an extensive way, such as consumables and other innovative plastics.