Petri dish with 3.5cm glass bottom

Petri dish with 3.5cm glass bottom

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Glass bottom Petri dish consists of a circular glass dish with a diameter of 3.5 centimeters and a transparent glass bottom. This glass bottom allows researchers and scientists to observe and study cells, microorganisms, and other specimens under a microscope while providing a stable and controlled environment.

The glass-bottom Petri dish is commonly used in biological and biomedical research, as well as in fields such as microbiology, cell biology, and drug development. It enables researchers to visualize cellular processes, interactions, and behaviors in real time, facilitating a deeper understanding of biological phenomena. Researchers can introduce various culture media, nutrients, and experimental conditions into the dish to study how cells respond and behave in different environments.


• Coated with non-animal origin collagen-like protein, cells can directly be cultured on the glass bottom.

• Well-distributed bulges on the cap provide consistent gas exchange

• Designed for use with inverted, fluorescence, laser and phase contrast microscopes.