zenCELL owl Microscope for incubators

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zenCELL owl live cell imager

The zenCELL owl is a 24-camera microscope for fast and automated live cell microscopy. Its compact design and stability, even above room temperature, make it ideal for the use as an incubator microscope.

The modular design allows flexible configurations to guarantee a suitable and safe analysis of biological samples.

The small footprint in the incubator leaves enough space for further cell cultures or zenCELL owl systems.

Get a better overview of your cell culture for a range of different applications such as:

  • Documentation and determination of cell growth
  • Determination of cell confluence
  • Analysis of drug effects on cell culture (e.g. cytotoxicity tests)
  • Biocompatibility testing
  • Observation of stem cells
  • Migration assays

Min package

1x Microscope
1x Cable
1x universal frame

1x Mini-PC with Software

zenCELL owl live cell imager software

In the software integrated image processing algorithms support continuous long term cell culture monitoring and provide fast and accurate information about the current state of the sample to be observed.

The real-time data analysis provides information on the current cell count and the degree of coverage of the substrate surface of the image section with cells.

The total cell count as well as the number of cells attached to and from the substrate are evaluated.

Start your project and capture the images of your cell culture at your individual frequency, create a time-lapse video or export a data set for your scientific work

zenCELL owl live cell imager technical specifications

System Requirements:

Windows® 7,8 or 10 (32/64 Bit, 2,5 GHz 4 cores, 8 GB RAM)

Interface (power supply, data exchange)1x USB 3.0 Magnification 10 x Field of view 1,2 mm x 0,9 mm Image Resolution 5 MP

Display resolution per microscope 2592 x 1944

Software incl. Algorithm Cell coverage, Cell number (fibroblasts)

Measuring rate / Adjustable recording interval 5 min.* – 24 h.

Image capture 30 s for 24 wells

Export Formats: Picture: PNG, BMP, JPEG/JPG

Dataset: CSV

Light Source LED

Camera 5 MP CMOS

Optical Filters: No Filters

Operating Temperature: 20°C - 45°C

Humidity -operation: 20% - 95% rel.

Storage Temperature: 0°C - 50°C Protection IP62 Sterilizable Isopropanol,

Ethanol Dimension (H x W x D): 105 mm x 180 mm x 180 mm

Weight: 1050 g